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Zzoneco is REVOLUTIONIZING, REVITALIZING and REALIZING income and growth in the Self Storage industry for its investors.

IMG_7187.JPGZzoneco is a multifunctional, entrepreneurial acquisition and development team that excels as experts in the self storage industry. Zzoneco is a privately held, vertically integrated, commercial real estate company, which develops, acquires and constructs income producing real estate assets in Arizona and is quickly expanding across the western USA. For over 30 years the family business of self storage has had a pronounced impact in Arizona. In the last 12 years, the company directive and mission statement has specifically focused on the discipline of true air conditioned and heated high tech self storage facilities. Through both private and institutional capital, the company has evolved into producing class "A" state of the art hight tech storage facilities that has gained national recognition.

Zzoneco has recently teamed up with three of the five players of the self storage REIT's known as Extra Space Storage (NYSE:EXR); Sovran (NYSE: SSS); Cubesmart (NYSE: CUBE). As the premiere names in the self-storage property management arena. The powerful blend of people, platform and performance will positively impact all of Zzoneco's existing and future properties in ways that simply can’t be achieved alone or with any other management company. This is achieved in 3 consistent approaches.

  • Revenue management maximizes profits through sophisticated pricing models and strategies.
  • Continually finding the sweet spot between rate and occupancy.
  • Use their national presence to help control costs by achieving better economies of scale


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