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Why The Self-Storage Industry

Why should I invest my money in the self-storage industry?

In the recession of 2008, several industries were hit but none felt the same wrath as the housing market. With a sharp decline in home values and an unprecedented spike in bankruptcies, families were forces to re-evaluate their living situations and often had to downsize. With this came the rise of the self storage industry.

Self storage is at its infancy period. Renters move every 3 years and home owners move every 10 years. There are 321 million people in this country living in small spaces by choice. 161 million people which is approximately 50% of the population in the united states has never stored before. Storage is wall street's hidden secret. The industry will continue to become recognized and adapted by everyday households. In 1984, two square feet per person rented storage, but in 2015 7 square feet per person is the now the national average. From 2010 to 2014, 300 new stores were built in the top 50 metropolitan cities in the USA. During this period, we needed 1900 new stores in order to simply keep up with the population growth alone. To keep supply and demand balanced, and in order to catch up, we should have built 1600 new facilities from 2010 to 2014.

With a population growth of 1.5% annually over the next 5 years, we would need to build another 1900 facilities just to keep up with supply and demand. This equals a deficit of 3200 storage facilities that would need to be built through 2020.

Zzoneco Investments is offering an 8% preferred return commencing in year 3 with a bonafide exit strategy that will bring a multiple return that will bring 3-4 times the initial investment.

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