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Zzoneco is a multifunctional, entrepreneurial acquisition and development team that excels as experts in the self storage industry. Zzoneco is a privately held, vertically integrated, commercial real estate company, which develops, acquires and constructs income producing real estate assets in Arizona and is quickly expanding across the western USA. For over 30 years the family business of self storage has had a pronounced impact in Arizona. In the last 12 years, the company directive and mission statement has specifically focused on the discipline of true air conditioned and heated high tech self storage facilities. Through both private and institutional capital, the company has evolved into producing class "A" state of the art hight tech storage facilities that has gained national recognition.

Zzoneco encompasses two divisions; General contracting through Zzone Construction and development through The Monolith Capital Group. Together, zzoneco comes together as a full service, self performing entity specializing in the self-storage industry

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Meet The President of ZZONE - Tony Ardizzone

2page_img2.jpgTony Ardizzone, a licensed Arizona General Contractor and Real Estate Broker, brings over 22 years’ experience in commercial and residential construction, construction management, project management, and insurance restoration in the construction arena. He has spent many of those years successfully managing the following family-owned businesses in a father/son team in local Arizona areas: Cox Construction | R D Zone Construction | The Monolith Capital Group & Realty Advisors | ZZONE Construction . Tony Ardizzone is a Licensed General Contractor with the expertise to manage the many areas encompassing a construction project- from site development and restoration to contracting complete construction operations. He has an excellent track record of successful projects. Mr. Ardizzone's extensive professional resume is enhanced by his experience in the real estate development, entitlements and brokerage professions. His family business in the construction and development of multilevel, climate-controlled self-storage facilities and commercial properties spans over 32 years. Mr. Ardizzone earned a B.S. degree in Marketing and an MBA from Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business. Additionally, Mr. Ardizzone was a member of the Arizona State University football team. Mr. Ardizzone and his wife and four children reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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